The goal of Command Q is to provide a technological headquarter for internet residents to acquire tidbits of information from all Categories of tech.

Although in its seedling stages, we aspire Command Q to become more than just a resource but be a sanctuary for those who want to learn how to fix or use technology in a different way. We don’t discriminate between eco-systems, rather we learn how to make them work together.

It’s more than just Apple. It’s more than just Windows. There’s Linux too. We firmly believe in a world that has choices.
Our tone of voice is simple. While we are knowledgeable about the information technology field, we seek to help everyone, not overwhelm or belittle them with unnecessary jargon. We express our intellect and understanding through a deliberate yet easy to comprehend mode of communication. We treat our clients as family members or friends seeking guidance.

Our brand is who we are. It’s the set of ideas, emotions, and associations that bring to mind whenever anyone thinks about Command Q. It’s cool. Innovative. Modern. Yet, down-to-earth. Relatable.

The goal one day is to make CommandQ more than just a website; for now, this is how the journey begins.