The COVID-19 “coronavirus,” pandemic has forced everyone to work from home. Finding technical assistance can sometimes be difficult and we’re here to help if you need technical assistance related to Mac, Windows, and even Linux.

Command Q technology support staff members have an expansive knowledge of computer technology. They will help you to troubleshoot any problems you are having via email or by live chat (when a support member is online). The support team members also have remote diagnostic tools that allow them to “see” a customer’s computer and correct problems from afar.

We primarily use Chrome Remote Desktop to perform remote support sessions. If you believe you may need remote support assistance, please install Chrome Remote Desktop prior to contacting our support staff. If you are unsure how to install Chrome Remote Desktop here is a link to get you started:

Chrome Remote Desktop needs only to be configured to share your computer for assistance. This means when you need to share your screen you generate a one-time code, this code is then provided to the support tech to connect to your system that one time.

Please submit a support request via email. Click on the Envelope below or send your support information to Please include your name, a phone number, the nature of the problem (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, Browser Issue, Application Issue, hardware issue, etc. A Support Staff member will review the support request and reach back to you by email with information on how to pay for support prior to being assisted.

Command Q aims to provide quality support at a reasonable cost.

Command Q Support